Used Parts Warranty & Return Policy

30 Day Warranty (Unless Otherwise Specified)

Premier Parts Canada, a division of Premier Performance, warrants to the original retail purchaser a limited 30-day warranty that applies to all used parts unless noted otherwise. Premier Parts Canada warrants used parts to be free from defects in workmanship and material for thirty (30) days from date of purchase. Warranties only apply to parts for replacement. If a replacement part cannot be obtained, a full refund will be issued to the original purchaser (cost of part only). No refund or exchange will be made with the original sales invoice. Warranties are limited only to the original purchaser and are non-transferable.  Under no circumstances will the liability of Premier Parts Canada exceed the amount of the original sale.  The warranty does not cover any failure due to improper installation, misuse, abuse, improper repairs or maintenance, modification or alteration. The warranty does not cover and freight charges, normal wear and tear, cost of parts removal or consequential or subsequent damages. An RGA (Return Goods Authorization) will need to be obtained prior to return. NO return will be accepted without an RGA number.  (Freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser or installer).

Premier Parts Canada warranty does not cover the proper or improper installation and/or application of the purchased, exchanged, traded, bartered, or complimentary procured used Part/Item and/or the competence and/or diagnosis of the installer. Premier Parts Canada assumes no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing claims, etc. arising from the installation or use of the above mentioned used Part/Item. Also, due to the complexity of emission control systems, the manufacturer does not warranty the used Part/Item to pass emission control inspection solely on their own merit. This guarantee does not apply to any defects caused by misuse, collisions or other accidents, negligence, or any authorized or unreasonable use including, but not limited to, improper application and installation.

RETURNING A PART: Unless noted otherwise, there are no refunds or exchanges on used auto parts.


Return Procedure:

  • Contact our Customer Service Department to obtain an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number.

  • Part(s)/Item(s) returned without an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) will not be accepted by our receiving department.

  • Write the RGA number in indelible ink on the outside of the box and ship it back to the return address on the package.

  • Refunds will be processed and issued when we receive the part/s back.

  • No credits can be issued for damaged items.

  • Any returned part(s)/item(s), found to be contaminated with rust, varnish, or any other type of contaminant, will automatically void the manufacturer's warranty.

Core Return Policy

The following conditions must be met to receive core credit:

  • Core must be returned in original box of purchase. The address where the core for a specific part/item will be sent can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Department.

  • Core must be packaged and wrapped to avoid damage.

  • Core must be returned within 30 days.

  • Core must have all original parts attached.

  • Core must be rebuild able and free of broken, frozen or missing parts.

  • Core must be exact core sold.

  • Core from salvage yard or with water damage will not be accepted.


  • Frozen Cores or Frozen Parts
  • Broken Cores
  • Disassembled Core
  • Wrong Cores
  • Missing Parts